The Focus Assistants

Human-powered productivity service for procrastinators


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Book a session


Book a session


Book a session

What's a Focus Assistant?

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Focus assistants help keep you on top of the work that can’t be delegated to other people. As soon as you book a session, you will be supported and uplifted by FA’s friendly communication and professional encouragement. 

What we are:

  • Virtual supervisor or sitter
  • Accountabilibuddy

What we’re NOT:

  • Therapist or psychologist
  • Personal assistant

How it Works


  • Client selects their Focus Assistant & books a session
  • Client pays ahead of time:
    $15/hour – no refunds!
  • Client receives motivating and encouraging messages from their  Focus Assistant
person completing their weekly planner on their ipad


  • Break down the work session into bite sized tasks together
  • Set a goal and reward for the end of the session
  • Client shares their screen and keeps their microphone on
  • Client starts work while chatting with the assistant, talking through their tasks and thinking out loud
  • Focus assistant monitors the client, keeps them from getting distracted, going down endless rabbit holes, and takes notes
person smiling during a video call on her laptop
person smiling at their laptop during a video call


  • Session report is uploaded to Client profile
  • Client leaves a review for the Focus assistant and sends an extra tip!
  • Client adds them to their list to hire them in the future
person throwing homework into the air because he's so happy his work is done
woman with ipad excited that her work is done

Why it Works






  • 10 session hours per month minimum
  • $13/hour for additional hours

Member Plus


  • 15 session hours per month minimum
  • $12/hr for additional hours



Session length: 1 hour minimum


What if I don’t show up to my work session? 

  • Failure fund


Can I leave my session early?

  • Yes, but you won’t get a refund. If you finish your task early, start another task!


What if I don’t know where to begin with my work? I have decision paralysis!

  • That’s what we do best! Book as session and we’ll figure it out together


What if my work involves sensitive information, like doing my taxes or online banking?

  • You don’t need to share your screen


What if my Focus Assistant doesn’t do their job?

You can request a refund. An admin will review the footage of your session. Session footage is stored for a short period of time. Refunds must be requested before the footage is deleted.