Indy Hall: Show-N-Tell

Dec. 15, 2022

Ice Breakers

Answer in the Chat!

  1. Where are you located?
  2. What kind of work do you do?
  3. Do you work from home or in an office? 


A focus group about staying focused!

Ian and Win

Startup Founders:

Rachel Winchester,
Product Designer

Ian Holloway,
ESL Teacher


Collect qualitative research about procrastination, productivity, accountability, and staying focused. Incorporate data into product design, marketing materials, and business strategy.

How it works

Each of the following 3 sections has open ended discussion questions. Add your answers to the chat. I’ll read some answers outload and invite you to talk more

Table of Contents


How would you rate your tendency to procrastinate on your work on a scale of 1-10?


10 minutes

How often do you procrastinate?

Why do you procrastinate? 

In what situations do you procrastinate?


10 minutes

What are your main methods of being productive? What’s your secret?

When you’re trying to be more productive, what’s going on in your head? What do you tell yourself to be more productive? Are you encouraging or critical?


Thinking in Details...

Thinking in details – How much do you spend on being more productive currently? Which of these do you spend money on?

  • Work at a cafe and purchase an item
  • Coffee, energy drinks, caffeine pills, etc.
  • Full-time office space
  • Part-time office space  
  • Procrastination coach
  • Therapy
  • Personal assistant
  • Ergonomic products (etc. Standing desk, wrist brace) 
  • Productivity apps
    • List some with prices
  • Tech (tablet, Second monitor, fitbit, noise canceling headphones)
  • Work community or study buddy
  • Work retreat

Thinking Big Picture...

How much do you budget annually for productivity?
In other words, what would you pay to complete one more thing on your vision board/new years resolution, etc.?

How much do you value productivity in your life?



1-on-1 productivity service for procrastinators


  • Client selects their Focus Assistant & books a session
  • Client pays ahead of time:
    $15/hour – no refunds!
  • Client receives motivating and encouraging messages from their  Focus Assistant
person completing their weekly planner on their ipad


  • Break down the work session into bite sized tasks together
  • Set a goal and reward for the end of the session
  • Client shares their screen, if able to
  • Client starts work chatting with the assistant and thinking out loud 
  • Focus assistant monitors client, keeps them from getting distracted, and takes notes
person smiling during a video call on her laptop
person smiling at their laptop during a video call


  • Session report is uploaded to Client profile
  • Client reviews Focus Assistant and sends an extra tip
  • Client adds them to their list to hire them in the future
person throwing homework into the air because he's so happy his work is done
woman with ipad excited that her work is done

Thank You!!!

Win & Ian